The salary that you were once happy with just doesn’t do it for you anymore. The new you is more skilled, capable, and motivated and would like to be paid accordingly. However, you just aren’t sure whether the timing is right to bring forth the big ask. To demystify your dilemma, take the following signs as the green light to finally negotiate that raise.

You Feel Deserving of One

This tip might be the most obvious one, yet so many people miss the mark because they fail to look at their performance objectively. Sure, you have been working the hours and meeting all expectations, but those things are standard when it comes to holding a position of any kind. The real question is whether or not your efforts are leading to the necessary results that truly warrant a raise in salary. To help you effectively arrive at this conclusion, look for measurable progress in your work, and be prepared to present it to your supervisor as proof that you are more than deserving of the raise that you are asking for.

You Have an Annual Review Coming Up

If you have a sound track record, your annual review presents the perfect time to ask for more money. Seize this opportunity by highlighting your accomplishments and letting your supervisor know how committed you are to becoming a bigger asset to the company.

You Have Another Offer

Once another company offers you more money, the raise conversation should be put in the works immediately. Tactfully explain that while you would still love to be a part of the company, you have to make the most financially sound decision. If your employer values what you bring to the table and has the budget to allow for a pay increase, they will typically try to beat out the competitor in an effort to keep you on board.

As you already know, not all raise requests will be granted, so if you fail to get the salary boost that you were hoping for, try not to get too down about it. Ask your supervisor what steps can be taken to qualify you for the wage increase, and put them into action. However, if you truly feel undervalued at your company, don’t be afraid to move on. Never settle for less than you deserve.